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2022’s Greatest Articles about Education

The most fascinating and perceptive pieces from the previous year regarding education, learning, and the secrets to student wellbeing in the classroom are chosen by editors and readers.

In the midst of the numerous stresses and demands that today’s youth must deal with, our most read education pieces from 2022 discuss how to foster character traits like humility and curiosity in pupils as well as help them feel connected to one another. They also discuss ideas for revolutionary change in education and provide support for the health of teachers and school administrators.


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These are the top 12 education articles of 2022, selected by editors and based on a combined ranking of pageviews.

Six Ways to Find Your Courage During Challenging Times, by Amy L. Eva: It’s not necessary for courage to appear haughty or fearless. At times, it appears more like silent persistence.

Calm, Clear, and Kind: What Students Want From Their Teachers, by Jenna Whitehead: Students were asked by researchers what characteristics characterize a loving teacher; these characteristics may also promote your wellbeing as an educator.

How to Help Teens Put Less Pressure on Themselves, by Karen Bluth: Teens who struggle with poisonous perfectionism can benefit from practicing self-compassion.

Five Ways to Support the Well-Being of School Leaders, by Julia Mahfouz, Kathleen King, and Danny Yahya: Burnout rates are high among principals. How can we fight burnout and promote self-care?

How to Help Your Students Develop Positive Habits, by Arthur Schwartz: Students can develop virtues like kindness, patience, and thankfulness by repeating small routines.

Can We Make Real, Transformative Change in Education?, by Renee Owen: To better serve all children, a new program is training leaders to support systemic change in education.

Five Ways to Help Students Feel Connected at School Again, by Jennifer de Forest and Karen VanAusdal:

As they return to school, students themselves say they are desperate for chances to catch up with friends and classmates.

How to Prepare for the Stresses of College, by Erin T. Barker and Andrea L. Howard: Researchers outline the most typical reasons why college students experience stress and discomfort as well as strategies for thriving through significant life changes.

How Humility Can Make Your Students the Best People Ever, by Vicki Zakrzewski: Easy strategies for teachers to assist pupils in transitioning from “me” to “we.”

Four Ways to Inspire Humble Curiosity in Your Students, by Amy L. Eva: Curiosity and humility can inspire pupils to be devoted learners who are receptive to the viewpoints of others.

What Middle Schoolers Can Teach Us About Respect, by Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman and Lia E. Sandilos: Teens are beginning to grasp respect in a more complex way. Here are some suggestions for encouraging it in the classroom.

Why Teachers Need Each Other Right Now, by Amy L. Eva: 

Here are four easy methods for educators to locate social assistance.


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