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Clap To Find MY Phone: Unlock Premium Features for Ultimate Phone Location

Discover the full potential of Clap To Find with the Premium Unlocked MOD! This powerful Tools app by Background Changer, Eraser & Booth Photo Editor lets you locate your phone effortlessly using claps or whistles. With a compact size of 18.58M, it won’t weigh down your device. The latest version 18.2 brings an enhanced experience, and now, with the MOD Info, you can enjoy Premium features without any limitations.

Key Benefits:

  • Premium Unlocked: Access all premium features without any restrictions.
  • Effortless Phone Location: Find your phone with just a clap or whistle.
  • Optimized Size: The app is compact, occupying only 18.58M of your device storage.
  • Latest Enhancements: Version 18.2 brings the latest improvements for an even better experience.

Clap To Find My Phone

Clap To Find v18.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)



Clap to Find My Phone is a helpful app for whoever often forgets where the phone is and wastes time looking for one. The app will enable users to clap and find the phone through the sound resonances and detector from the app. With this feature, users can easily locate their phones faster and even enjoy the app’s extra features.

Clap To Find My Phone


The Discover My Phone option is where you’ll find the settings for the “clap to find” feature. There are four supplementary labels available, and they are as follows: clap to find, whistle to find, don’t touch, and pocket mode. The Find My Phone feature, as well as its settings, may be controlled and customized through the settings menu. The second option gives you the ability to select an auditory notice. You can select a different ringtone from the storage on your phone by hitting the “Choose tone from phone” button after selecting one of the three ringtones that are already preset.

Clap To Find My Phone


By selecting the appropriate option on your phone, you’ll be able to make it such that it flashes and vibrates whenever you get a new text message or phone call. It features two switches, one for making phone calls and the other for sending and receiving text messages. The user can adjust the blink rate, and the Do Not Disturb mode, the number of flashes, and the flash mode. Depending on their preferences, they can choose suitable methods to ensure they can always locate their phones by flashes or sounds emitting from anywhere.

Clap To Find My Phone


The Clap to Find My Phone app features a call block feature that enables you to add any phone number to the blocklist that is contained within the app. That can be done either manually or by selecting the number from your contact list, giving you some peaceful time when relaxing. The call-blocking feature is helpful, can be tweaked with different options, and even offers users more ideas to keep their phones silent. Moreover, the clap-to-find-the-phone feature can be activated to help users locate phones more easily.

Clap To Find My Phone

You may identify who is phoning or texting you by name with the help of a feature called Name Announcer for Calls and Texts. You can make changes to items like prefixes and suffixes, as well as your SMS preferences and speech rate.

Clap To Find My Phone


You can personalize the sound that plays whenever your phone is connected to or disconnected from its charger, as well as if its battery life is getting low. If the remaining battery life falls below a user-determined threshold, an alert goes out. Even while it’s charging, you can protect your phone by securing it with a personal identification number (PIN). Your phone’s “Don’t Touch” feature allows you to sound an alarm if it detects that another person has touched it. The user can change the settings for the volume, PIN lock, and flash to unlock the phones as an extra form of security.

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