Mahjong Club 2.7.3 APK

Get ready for a new, original and challenging Mahjong solitaire game. The goal in Mahjong Club is to match identical tiles to remove from the board. When all tiles are removed you have solved the majong puzzle! Can you complete all 5000+ levels? Install Now!Features⭐ Over 5,000 free board setups⭐ Beautiful landscapes as backgrounds⭐ Auto Fit⭐ Choose your own score system:- no timer, no pressure- mahjong combi points- stars & time- no score system⭐ High scores & personal statistics⭐ Turn sounds on or off⭐ No Wifi, no problem! Play offline if you wish.⭐ Join a club, play & chat together⭐ Simple pick-up-and-play controlsThis is how you play Mahjong Club:► On the mahjong board, pairs of tiles are dealt at random. The maximum amount of tiles is 144.► Your task is to find pairs and match them► A matched pair will be removed from the majong board► When all tiles are removed from the board you have completed the level► When you have completed a level you will unlock the next level► Use a booster when you are having a hard time to complete a majong puzzle► Make sure you are online for the best experience. Offline is possible as well!Can you beat all the levels in Mahjong Club? Play for free and relax!Contact & more info:Many more cool features will be added to Mahjong Club in the coming months. Feel free to tell us what you like to see in the game!Terms of Service can be found here: Policy can be found here:

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